Smart Over 40 Bodybuilding Tips

YeahSmart Over 40 Bodybuilding Tips

As we age, our bodies tend to slow down. Muscle growth is slower, the skin starts sagging and things are no longer the same as when we were much younger. However, you can still make the best of your body even when well past your thirties. After all, they say life begins at 40. Over 40 bodybuilding is something that you could opt to do if you are still looking to stay fit, sharp and strong. While most of us think that we are done for once we are past our thirties, it is important to note that you can still body build even after your past your ‘prime’.

Interestingly, the ages of 40 onwards to about 50 (and even 60 for some individuals) are considered to be good growth years. However, it is important to note that our bodies and systems differ from one person to the other. As such, for some, over 40 bodybuilding could bring forth positive results fast, while in others, it could take a bit longer. Nonetheless, with proper and smart training, anyone above 40 can achieve a new level of fitness. This however, will call for consistency in your workout, hard but smart training, plenty of rest, eating right if you want to see muscular growth and improvement.

You are no longer that young, energetic young bloke

It is important that as you consider taking up an over 40 bodybuilding regimen to keep in mind that you are no longer that young, flexible and energetic chap or Madame. Bodybuilding over the age of 40 will require commonsense, attentiveness and care to avoid abusing your body or subjecting it to too much pressure. If you are over 40 and planning to start your training, these three qualities are what you need to develop within you for positive results- creativity, passion and finesse.

Nonetheless, it is important that you follow some simple over 40 bodybuilding guidelines to get the kind of results that will be essential. Overall, it is important that you find a professional training instructor to guide you.

Simple over 40 bodybuilding recommendations and tips to follow

Use the right workout routine

Smart over 40 bodybuilding will require that you go for a workout routine that suites you. The best routine is one that will alternate between moments of high volume and higher repetition with moments of lower repetitions and heavier weights. Ensure that each training routine takes no longer than 60 minutes and will provide active recovery phases for your body to recover. For heavier training sets, the best workout routines should advocate for over 40 trainees to workout at least once every 5 days- and no more than 2 days.

Warm up properly before you start bodybuilding

For an over 40 bodybuilder, warming up is very important; and the more you age, the more vital it becomes. Warming up before bodybuilding is important as it prepares the body, and the muscles, for the workout it will be experiencing. This keeps you from injuring yourself. As we mentioned earlier, at the age of 40, our bodies (and muscles) are more lethargic than flexible. Subjecting your body to sudden pressure could lead to serious injuries.

Train smart

To make the best of your over 40 bodybuilding efforts you need to work out smart. There is need for you to execute your exercise and lifting techniques in a safe way. Speed, timing and commonsense is crucial here. You need to know when you need to change weights, and what the optimum weight is for you to effectively pump up your muscles. It is also important that you pump your weights in a more coordinated manner to get the best of the training set instead of getting tired and possibly hurting yourself.

Go for weights that will allow you to gain more by letting you have the optimum weight lifting speed yet giving you full control and at the same time building your muscles. It is important that you focus on your muscles as you train rather than looking at making progress much faster.

Over 40 bodybuilding is one way to stay fit and healthy as you age and these are just some essential tips to guide you. Overall, it is important that you be very careful. It is advisable that you seek professional advice and guidance- especially if you are a novice over bodybuilder- before you start working out. This is important as it will help you make the best of your training without you having to pose a danger to your body. Remember, over 40 bodybuilding will take time; but with the right determination, enthusiasm and desire to be better, you can make it.